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Natural mosquito control that works.

a natural solution to a pesky problem

Essential oils have been used individually for thousands of years by people all around the world for biting-pest control. After extensive laboratory testing, specifically on mosquitoes, we have found the most effective mixture of these oils for eradicating and repelling mosquitoes for up to 2 weeks with just one treatment.

Just like a synthetic treatment, our natural treatment options eradicate mosquitoes immediately and effectively. The effectiveness of the treatment relies on the consistency of the cycle. A pest-free environment can last 14 to 21 days before another spray. Of course, the longer we treat your yard, the better our product works.


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did you know?

According to the World Health Organization. The mosquito is the deadliest animal on the planet because of its ability to carry and spread disease to humans causing millions of deaths every year (In 2015, malaria alone caused 438,000 deaths.)


Since buzz off has started spraying at our house we’ve been able to sit outside at dusk and in the evening without having to fight mosquitoes! We haven’t had ANY of the swarming termites that everyone has been having either!

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